Wokali Wax 02 – Textured Paste with Fiber Threads – Strong Grip & Layered Definition


Discover the art of textured styling with Wokali Wax 02. This original, textured paste boasts fiber threads for a strong grip and stunning textured looks. Designed to showcase your layered hair with amazing separation and definition, this weightless and non-greasy product provides a long-lasting, residue-free hold. Elevate your hair game with the effortless charm of Wokali Wax 02!



Experience the brilliance of texture, grip, and layered definition with Wokali Wax 02. A textured paste interwoven with fiber threads, this unique hair product revolutionizes your styling game, offering a strong grip and textured looks that stand out.

Designed to empower your styling creativity, Wokali Wax 02 enables the amazing separation and definition of layers, taking your hair’s appeal to a new level. It’s all about making your layers stand out while maintaining a natural and effortless look.

Key Features:

Textured Paste with Fiber Threads: Experience the unique combination of texture and grip that sets your style apart.

Strong Grip: Wokali Wax 02 delivers a strong hold, enabling you to maintain your preferred style all day.

Amazing Layer Definition: Bring out the best in your layered hair with exceptional separation and definition.

Weightless & Non-Greasy: Say goodbye to heavy, greasy hair products. Wokali Wax 02 offers superior hold without weighing down your hair.

Residue-Free: Easy to apply and rinse out, our hair paste leaves no residue behind.

Long-Lasting Hold: Enjoy the confidence of a hairstyle that holds all day, without leaving your hair greasy.

100% Original Product: Rest assured knowing you’re getting a genuine Wokali product.

Wokali Wax 02 is your trusted partner for a textured, defined, and layered look. Experience the magic of weightless, non-greasy, and residue-free styling today!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Asif Shah
It Makes Very Good Style

Best Wokali Wax. Awesome.

Wax 02

I am totally satisfied from this wax 02.
Good Product

Abdul ahad
Wokali wax02

This wax is the best wax to straight the hair..
And I satisfied this wax👍



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