Wokali Wax 03 – Unisex Hair Wax for All Hair Types – Sulfate-Free, Moisturizing, Firm-Hold Sculpting – 150g


Elevate your styling with Wokali Wax 03, a unisex hair wax suitable for all hair types. This sulfate-free, moisturizing formula not only offers firm-hold sculpting for lasting styles but also nourishes your hair with natural plant extracts. The easy-to-rinse wax ensures a strong shape all day without any residue. Trust in our 100% original product and shine brighter with every style!



Step up your hair game with the Wokali Wax 03. This remarkable hair wax is specially designed for all hair types and genders, offering the ultimate solution to versatile styling needs.

Packed in a generous 150g container, Wokali Wax 03 goes the distance, serving you firm-hold sculpting and lasting styling. It helps you maintain a strong shape all day, ensuring your hair stays exactly how you want it. Plus, its moisturizing properties leave your hair glossier than ever before.

Key Features:

Versatile Use: Tailored to meet the styling needs of both men and women of all hair types.

Moisturizing Wax: Enhance the gloss and shine of your hair with this nourishing hair wax.

Firm-Hold Sculpting: Achieve and retain your desired style with our long-lasting hold.

Easy to Rinse: Cleaning up has never been easier – our formula leaves no residue behind.

Sulfate-Free: We care for your hair’s health – our formula is 100% sulfate-free.

Natural Hair-Caring Essences: Wokali Wax 03 contains plant extracts that supply essential nutrition to your hair.

Generous Quantity: Get more out of your hair product with our 150g offering.

100% Original Product: Trust in the authenticity of our product.

Style your hair with Wokali Wax 03 and relish the confidence of all-day firm hold, while bathing your hair in the essential nutrition it needs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Perfect fr my curly hairs

best product I have for my thick curly hair.

Wokali wax 03

I totally satisfied this wax..

Wax 03

Awesome product. Very effective for my hair

Muhammad ziyam
Wokali wax 03

Wow wokali wax I am satisfied this wax😊🖤



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